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Lauren & David

"OMG Events by JG made my day a stress-free one. She took calls and questions from guests, from the venue staff, she even had my bridal party in shape. I was amazed by her attention to detail and her dedication to pulling off a beautiful wedding day for me. She even took a picture for me when I forgot to get a picture with my leather jacket while the photographer was still there. I can't praise her enough for all the hard work she did! She needs to raise her prices for sure! You can get her for a steal compared to what these other planners are charging for their services! She's too good to not be paid what she is worth!"

Laura & Dominic

Hiring Jessica as our day-of-coordinator was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. It was such a relief to have someone else be responsible for everything! She was so easy to work with and maintained open lines of communication with us throughout the process. She organized all the vendors, figured out the details and made sure that our day when off without a hitch! We were so glad to have her there to guide us through the ceremony and ensure that the events we wanted to have at the reception happened in a way that allowed us to enjoy ourselves. Jessica made our wedding day everything that we wanted it to be. We have also heard from several guests who praised her performance which goes to show just how much effort she put into making our day happen. We highly recommend Events by JG to any couple planning their wedding. Thank you, Jessica, you made our day the most special day of our lives!

The Pros
Lisa Hornak Photography

 Katelyn & Tim

"Jess is a breath of fresh air and a joy to work with! Everyone dreams of perfection for their big day, but worrying can consume your ability to be present in the moment sometimes. Jess took the possibility of worrying on my big day away for me! She works her magic prior to our wedding day by helping me remember the fine details and took care of everything behind the scenes on the big day. She is a jack of all trades. Setting up, communicating with the caterer, ensuring our items were safely packed at the end of the night, and most importantly making sure everyone themselves and that Tim and I were enjoying every moment of our wedding day - you name it, Jess did it! Jess is real, honest, and super personable. I'm beyond grateful she was part of my big day!"

Amber & Michael

"Jessica did an amazing job helping me on the day of my wedding. She really helped to carry out my perfect dream. It felt as if she was in several places at once, keeping everything in sync. She even stayed at the end to cleanup which not most coordinators will offer. Jessica was there for the entire day from 9am until 2am!! She was hands on decorating our archway and fixing table settings as well as delegating to other vendors. She was everything I could've asked for in a wedding planner, and I highly recommend her!"

Mary & Daniel

"Jessica and her team were amazing from planning (almost a year in advance) all the way to the execution of our big day!! Always responsive, responsible, positive, and capable!! We can't thank you enough!"

Shamara & Andre

"Jessica was a life saver during my wedding. I planned everything on my own but wanted someone there so I could relax the day of my wedding. She was attentive and efficient. Always responsed quickly to emails or texts even when I was being a bit of a zilla. Jessica was a blessing and I would definitely recommend her to any bride!"

Jennifer & Montee

"Jessica, was my day of coordinator. She provided impeccable service and was friendly and flexible along the way. Even though Jessica was only my day of coordinator she was willing to talk and answer questions way during my entire planning process. "

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